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Natural products and cosmetics with Bulgarian rose and herbs

Natural Products from the Rose Valley Bulgaria

Natural series FACE CREAM with Shea butter - Rose, White Rose, Lavender and Honey.

Natural series HAND CREAM  with Shea butter - Rose, White Rose, Lavender and Honey.

Massage oils with organic essential oils - Rose, Lavender, Youth, Relax, Pain-Relieving and Tonus Rising massage oils.

Natural soaps with organic essential oils - Rose, Lavender and Peppermint.

Since 1998 Zornitza Co. presents to you a fraction of the unique Bulgarian nature in its authentic appearance. The company is the only successor of generations that were long connected with the cultivation of the oil-bearing roses and rose oil manufacture.It introduces the latest technologies for cultivation of essential oil crops, friendly to the environment and people. It occurred to us to make products from those crops, which will enable us to reach the people. Some of these products are:

The products preserve in themselves the beauty of the Bulgarian nature, presenting it in its natural aspect.

 Zornitsa Company《玫瑰谷》纯天然玫瑰礼品套,直接从保加利亚玫瑰谷快递发给中国客户


公司简介:《Zornitsa – Company》有限公司成立于1998年,总部位于保加利亚玫瑰谷卡赞勒克市即保加利亚的地理中心。本司是一家养殖保加利亚传统含油植物以及生产含精油的高端化妆品一体的企业。我们养殖的含油植物包括大马士革含油玫瑰(rosa damascena)、薰衣草(lavandula verra)、薄荷(mentha piperita),香蜂草(melissa officinalis),鼠尾草(salvia officinalis),洋甘菊(matricaria chamomilla),百里香(thymus),缬草(valeriana officinalis)等。本司以自己的品牌《玫瑰谷》生产、推销高质量纯天然化妆品,包括精油、花水、各种面霜、护手霜、香皂、蜡烛等。