Natural bulgarian rose water 100 ml.


Natural bulgarian rose water extracted through water-steam distillation of Bulgarian oleaginous roses.

Purpose: For refreshment and cleaning of all types of skin. It stimulates the regeneration in case of sun burns. The rose water preserves the water balance, soothes, creates a cooling effect and aromatizes.

Usage: After sprinkling or rubbing in with a wad, wait for 2 or 3 minutes until the skin absorbs the moisture itself.


Rose water is used also as aroma flavouring in cakes and sweets.


The water is one of the most susceptible parts of the land - a holder of information. No coincidence that many rituals in temples are associated with water. Our body is 70 percent water; therefore we must have particular regard to the water in our daily lives .Spa treatments combine water, fragrances and oils to achieve spiritual health and physical beauty. A very successful and used for thousands of years combination is water and rose!

 The rose - “heaven’s ambassador “and “God’s child on earth” blessed since the times of Cleopatra.

The rose - a link between earthly and spiritual, rejected all gloomy thoughts from our minds and our donation of grace and harmony.

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Natural products and cosmetics with Bulgarian rose and herbs