INGREDIENTS: Stalks from mountain thyme, common valerian roots, lavender blossoms.

Do you feel tense and exhausted at the end of the day? Problems with work, kids, colleagues – all of these puts additional pressure on you. You have to go through various situations each day and you end up not being able to sleep as a result of tension and excitement. We offer you a natural, efficient and proved method against insomnia and lack of sufficient sleep! The favorable effect of lavender, common valerian and thyme will help you relax and sleep deep. In the morning you will be full of energy and vitality, ready for the new day’s challenges.

The relaxing aromatic herbal pillow will stabilize your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too low, it is recommended that you keep the pillow at a distance of at least 20-50 cm away from your head and not breathe its scent directly as it may cause a slight headache. Of course, such headaches may occur just on the first day of its use as the pillow’s scent decreases with time. Moreover, you may need to smash the pillow a little before using it. Its scent can be enhanced by putting a few drops of lavender oil on its edges.

How to use the pillow?

Open it right before you go to bed. Put the aromatic pillow on the side of your bed or at least 20-50 cm away from your head. You don’t need to feel a strong scent. Otherwise, the opposite effect may occur. In the morning you can put the pillow back in its pack in order to preserve its aromatic qualities.

Restore harmony and calm with the relaxing aromatic herbal pillow!

Not recommended for kids and people who are susceptible to respiratory and allergic reactions!

Pillow size 20x20 cm

100% natural product.

Price: 7.00 €

Natural products and cosmetics with Bulgarian rose and herbs