Skin Care with Rose - day, night, hand cream with Rose and Shea butter

Moisturizing Day und Night Rose and Shea cream with natural plant emollients. Shea oil help restore the skin elasticity and has a soothing and deeply moisturizing effect. It is absorbed very well be the skin, without any surface greasiness, and also has a natural sun-protecting factor. Shea oil forms a thin protective layer and creates a feeling of softness for the skin. The Rose water maintains the skin water balance and stimulates the regeneration and hydration. The cream is recommended for sensitive skin.
USE: To be applied in the morning/evening on a well cleaned and dried face skin. Suitable for daily use.

Hydrating hand crème containing natural emollients. Shea oil improves the skin’s protective mechanisms and contributes to the quick restoration and smoothing of the damaged and dehydrated tissue. Rose water helps the skin’s hydration, regeneration and improves its elasticity.
USE: To be applied over a well cleaned and dried hand skin. For daily use.

Price: 19.80 €

Natural products and cosmetics with Bulgarian rose and herbs