SPA Set "Tenderness"- candle white rose, tonic and a soap

The set includes: White Rose candle in box 200 g, tonic with natural rose water -100 ml and glycerin soap white rose - 50 g


Scented candle with white-rose and vanilla scent. Decorated with white oleaginous rose.Since ancient times the white oleaginous rose has existed in Bulgaria’s rose gardens. With only a few shrubs per a thousand square meters, the white rose has tinted a sweet and amber scent to the famous Bulgarian rose oil. We add vanilla to the candle in order to increase its beauty and uniqueness.

Tonic - natural derived from the distillation of the bulgarian oleaginous rose (Rosa damascena mill). It cleans, energizes, refreshes and flavors. The glycerin softens and nourishes the skin, it becomes softer and velvety. It can be used for any parts of your body.

Rose flower shaped soap. Contains natural rose water, glycerin and fragrance of Bulgarian rose essential oil.

Price: 8.00 €

Natural products and cosmetics with Bulgarian rose and herbs